Scott Snowden


“Life is in the living”. The reality is that many of us are simply existing and surviving rather than living and thriving.

My goal as a life coach is to assist and empower others. I offer one to one coaching both online and in person.

What I have found with many of my clients is that quite often they will come to me with a concern, for example, about their job, relationship, finances or perhaps their physical state. After having worked together we have discovered that these were only symptoms of a more root cause. When dealt with head on we ended up eliminating all of the symptoms. Quite often we are overwhelmed by what we feel are many “problems” and find that in addressing two or three of these, the many disappear.

We begin your first session with an assessment of your physical state as it is a good temperature gauge for how you are feeling in life. If your physical health is not in order there is a good chance that your thinking is clouded. Other times clients have good physical and mental practices but still feel something is missing. Then this is where we look into whether they have a sense of purpose or not and if so are they passionate about it.

Together we establish whether it’s your physical, mental, inspirational health or any combination of the three that needs attention. Often I find people wish to address all three areas. The most important concept to grasp is that if you want to live a life of inner peace, fearlessness and purpose it is necessary to be healthy in all three areas. 



Establish a healthy regime of nutrition and exercise

Understanding how our thoughts shape our reality

Removing limiting beliefs

Breaking the worry habit

Living in the present

Converting obstacles into opportunities

Finding your purpose

Attracting what you want


There are three paths to work together:

Online Course

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  • 1 hour
  • Online Course
  • Multiple Topics

Workshop UK

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  • 1 hour
  • Online Course
  • Multiple Topics


“You are best to yourself when you are best to others”

Any of the services purchased from will automatically donate 10 percent of the cost to the charity below.

I have found that part of the journey of abundance in all respects of the word is having gratitude. Showing gratitude for all that you are and all that you have right now. Giving is another way to show this and it always comes back to you one way or another. This can be financially, opportunities arising or best of all in the form of fulfillment and inner peace. The more you receive the more you have to give. This is why any of the services purchased from will automatically donate 10 percent of the cost to the charity below. The link will allow you to see exactly what the charity is about. The great part, besides helping others in need, is that not only are you being coached to bring out the best in yourself and others around you, you are directly involved in helping someone else improve the quality of their lives and others around them. In time I will add a few other charities for you to choose from. However, after speaking with the LNADJ Charity founder Jonny Lee I believe it is an ideal place to start.