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My Top Five barrier breakers to becoming free.


These are 5 barrier breakers that will bring success to all areas of your life.                                              




Belief is not always based on our preferences.  It is what we consistently  think about ourselves or a subject be it positive or negative.  Whatever your belief is will determine the direction you head in.  Whether you believe you are great at something or you believe you are not, you will be right.  Make no mistake, greatness is a choice that always starts with a belief.

“To he who believes, all things are possible”


The very first subject that I start with when coaching my clients is BELIEF.  As belief is the seedling of all dreams and aspirations. “ To he who believes, all things are possible”.


Whether it’s a child being encouraged to believe they can ride a bike; picturing yourself losing weight; getting that dream job; being financially free or an olympic athlete winning a gold medal, they are all rooted in belief.  The most direct route to living your dreams starts with a belief which means not entertaining doubt . If you tell yourself you want something but deep inside believe you won’t or can’t do it, you will be finished before you have begun.

Living your dreams is reserved for those who start with a desire and then nurture that into a passionate belief. That passion will reveal the way forward and the necessary actions needed for success will follow close behind.


The wake does not drive the boat anymore than the past equals the future.


Whatever choices you have made and the consequences that accompanied them were all necessary parts of the picture that equals who you are now.  It’s great to reflect back on past glories to encourage further belief in the NOW but only for a moment and then move on.


It is useful to reflect back on what seemed awful experiences at the time and to take the lessons from them, but only for a moment and then move on.  If you are carrying guilt or shame from a past event no amount of feeling bad will change what has already happened. Learn from the event, cut it loose and do better the next time the opportunity presents itself.


Past glories are great to draw inspiration from or reinforce belief that you are capable of something great.  However, we are meant to grow and evolve and to do this we must keep moving forward. Past glories are not meant to be a place to hang out at and watch the world go by, but rather a quick reference point to help navigate you towards your greatest you.


Life is in the living NOW.  There is no truer reality and opportunity than this very moment. Take it, it’s yours.


Letting go of security and gaining inner peace.


Security is not something that can be purchased or held onto.  Security requires one or more things to remain constant, but the only constant is change.  So security is like chasing a mirage. It’s tiring, unsatisfying and can often send you down the wrong path.


The irony of seeking security is that when you let go of trying to acquire it, it arrives in the form of something much more profound.  Inner peace. Once you have let go of the futile need to try and control all the outcomes in life you are free to live each day to its fullest as your most happy, unattached, creative and at a peace version of yourself.


When we accept that nothing is forever and everything changes, the energy that was once wasted in trying to control things that are out of our control will return in huge quantities.  With it comes an inner peace unknown in common hours. This inner peace makes the word ‘security’ obsolete.



Overcome your fears and you are as free as a bird.


Don’t fear, fear. It can spike adrenaline and can give you superhuman strength when harnessed. Fear produces energy for a fight or flight response.  Either way when it is managed you give yourself much better odds of a favourable outcome.


More often for most of us fear arises not from life and death situations but rather worrying about outcomes in our daily lives.  We try to play it safe by remaining in our comfort zones and keeping the status quo. This results in not growing which really means you are not truly living.  Your music remains inside.


Fear can also be used as a compass as it reveals the areas that are not yet your strengths.  Seek out your fears and confront them. They contain your greatest opportunities for growth.


With every new sunrise comes a new life filled with opportunities and possibilities.


The starting place is always where you are.  The question is do we start to postpone and procrastinate or do we simply put one foot in front of the other and just start.  Too often we spend far too much time in the planning stage. There are so many variables to consider and with those variables so many potential outcomes.  While it is wise to have a plan it is foolish to be married to it. Circumstances are subject to change and therefore so should your plans be. Follow your plan until your instincts tell you otherwise, this is your intuition directing you. The key is to start regardless of where you are.  Albert Einstein stated “ nothing happens until something moves”.


When you start without assurances of the outcome and simply BELIEVE, otherwise known as faith, you are breaking the chains of doubt, insecurity and fear. Belief outshines doubt, security comes from not needing it and fear can be converted into fuel when controlled.  The time is always NOW.


“Live each day as if it were your last, as one day it will be”.

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